Lucvan orthopedic products want to be a working tool in which you can find a wide range of options, an aid to solve the problems that arise daily in the workshops at the time of the manufacture of the plantar orthosis to measure. In Lucvan you will find a variety of solutions capable, on the one hand, of covering all pathologies of the foot, and on the other, of responding to the manufacture of all types of plantar orthoses.

All the products we supply under the name of "INSOLES", have the degree of finish they have, shorten the time in the manufacturing process of the custom-made plantar orthoses, but in no case can they substitute this process. Therefore it is very important that you know the legislation in force in your country in regard to the manufacture of custom orthopedic products.  

If you are a professional of orthopedics or podiatry, you can download our catalog and / or our protocols for the customization of your foot orthosis. (Be careful ... you will ask to register in the "professionals" section.)

You can send us your traditional measurements, pedigraphy, phenolic foam ... or send us scanned or digitized measurements compatible with our systems.

If you are also a user of SW9 footscan, you can design your foot orthosis and send us the file to print them in 3D.



RSscan International is a Belgian company, with recognized prestige, that manufactures and develops scientific hardware and software -footscan- for the biomechanical study of walking and foot pressures, useful in different fields: orthopedics, chiropody, rehabilitation, traumatology, physiotherapy, neurology, etc.
You can expand information at and if you are a professional in the sector, download, by clicking here, all the information regarding installation, systems management, etc.


Dot Seek is a cloud App developed by Junquera and Diz for taking anthropometric measurements, reducing uncertainty in this process, saving time and improving traceability.