Nowadays we have two offices located in Gijón (Asturias): Our headquarter and orthopedic center are placed in Palencia street 1 and our manufacturing and logistics center is placed in the industrial area of Roces, in Jorge Juan Street 12.  



Junquera and Diz was founded in August 1992. From the beginning our efforts focused on specialization, being the "foot" our reference. The introduction into the market was rapid, achieving in the first years the distribution for Spain and Portugal of the main European companies related to the field of foot. In 1997 we created our own line of products for the manufacture of foot orthoses: "Lucván® orthopedic products”.

In 2000 we started a new project: the opening of an orthopedic center in Gijón. In 2003 we signed with the Belgian company, RSscan International, the distribution agreement for Spain of their systems. In 2007 we signed a new distribution agreement for the Spanish market with the German company Juzo, compression garment manufacturer  .

Between 2009 and 2013 we participated in the project "Ankle and Foot Orthotic Personalisation via Rapid Manufacturing, A-FOOTPRINT” ," along with 11 other European entities, which has allowed us to be pioneers in the use of 3D printing in the field of orthopedics.