Get to know our History

We are a company founded in 1992 by Esteban Junquera and Babila Diz, who believed in a long-term project and laid the foundations of what Junquera&Diz is today.

Distributors for some years for Spain and Portugal of leading European companies, we set as our main objective and guarantee for the future, our own services and manufacturing,

From the beginning we have been committed to training and technological advances, being examples of this commitment:

  • SEPTOR, “European Practical Seminar on Orthoprosthetic Techniques” which, since 1994, we have organised periodically, bringing together in Gijón expert speakers and congress participants from the five continents in its 7 editions.
  • A-FOOTPRINT, “Ankle and foot orthotic Personalisation via rapid Manufacturing”, a project financed by the EU within its FP7 programme, in which, led by Glasgow Caledonian University, we participated together with 11 European universities and companies between 2009-2011, which allowed us to be pioneers in 3D PRINTING in the field of orthopaedics in Europe.


Always within technical orthopaedics, we work in three different areas:

  • Orthopaedic Services: Orthopaedic Clinic in Gijón aimed directly at the user or patient with a clear vocation to offer a personalised SERVICE that guarantees a correct orthopaedic treatment or solution.
  • Footscan: Distribution and maintenance for Spain of the Belgian systems, footscan. Hardware and software for the study of the foot, gait, balance and the design and 3D printing of customised insoles. We currently have more than 370 teams working in Universities, Hospitals, Mutual Insurance Companies, Research Centres, podiatric clinics and orthopaedics throughout the country.

We have two locations, our Orthopaedic Centre and Central Offices in Palencia Street and our Production and Logistics building at Roces Area, both in Gijón.

We understand orthopaedics as a service, whose final objective is the satisfaction of the patient or user, improving their quality of life and independence, guaranteeing the success of the orthopaedic treatment.

Technology and Quality for your Feet