What is compressive therapy for?

Compressive therapy or pressure therapy consists of the application of different pressures on a part of the body for the treatment of certain ailments: venous pathologies, oedemas, lymphoedemas, lipoedemas, scars, burns, plastic surgery, sports practice, etc.

Compressive Therapy Garments, standard or custom-made

Depending on the prescription, pathology and physical conditions of the patient, and always after an exhaustive and protocolised process of taking measurements, a certain fabric and a certain compression class is used. We have multiple types of fabrics, flat and circular, with 4 different compression classes.

We have a wide range of standard garments (by size) or made-to-measure garments for the lower limb, upper limb, trunk and head: socks, stockings, tights, sleeves, gloves, waistcoats, bras, masks…

Vascular problems

Its development can lead to serious pathological conditions affecting the circulation, such as varicose veins, phlebitis and even varicose ulcers.

Burns, scars and plastic surgery

In addition to post-operative treatment of burns, the use of compressive elastic garments is recommended for the treatment of any burn trauma.
The use of compressive elastic garments is recommended for the treatment of any trauma in the healing period and therefore susceptible to
healing period and therefore susceptible to hypertrophy

Limfoedemas y Lipoedemas

Lymphoedema is an accumulation of lymphatic fluid due to impairment of the drainage system, whether congenital, acquired or provoked, resulting in a swollen, thickened or enlarged appearance of a limb or part of a limb.


The use of compression garments during and after sport reduces muscle soreness, prevents injuries, increases endurance and aids faster recovery.

What is compressive therapy?

The application of different pressures on a part of the body is very effective for certain ailments. They are a very effective treatment for vascular problems and large burns. They are a type of containment and pressure bandage.

What are the reasons for venous diseases?

Venous diseases are a serious problem affecting the world’s population. Causes include familial predisposition and gender, with a 6:1 ratio of higher incidence in females. Other associated factors include obesity,
pregnancy and age, use of oral contraceptives and standing for prolonged periods of time.
standing for prolonged periods.

Will this type of compressive garment be effective for me?

This therapeutic measure is very effective against numerous ailments or pathologies, but it is very important before selecting the most suitable therapeutic measure for each patient, both their normal activity and the type of venous or lymphatic pathology.

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