Orthopaedic Insoles in Gijón

We interpret your doctor’s prescription to offer you the orthopaedic insoles that your foot needs in order to alleviate pain and correct the discomfort caused by a bad footprint.

Quality and Technology for your Feet

We apply innovation together with the best technology to give your foot the help it needs.

Functional Insoles

With them we try to correct the support and movements of the foot to treat pathologies of the ankle, knee, back, as well as metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis, etc.

Comfort Insoles

Designed to reduce pressure and avoid overloading, they adapt to the foot and are recommended for people who have little plantar fat or suffer from pathologies such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatism,…

Diabetic Foot Insoles

The loss of sensitivity due to this pathology means that pain is not perceived, so it is essential to prevent the appearance of pressure ulcers. These insoles will distribute the pressures avoiding overloads.

Sports Insoles

Depending on the type of sport and biomechanics, different materials are combined to achieve maximum movement control and cushioning.

Custom orthopaedic insoles

Our team of professionals will know how to guide your medical prescription to adapt your foot to the best possible insole. Our orthopaedic solutions are based on making the patient understand what is the best solution to improve the quality of their daily life.

What do orthopaedic insoles look like?

We design and manufacture all types of custom-made insoles depending on your prescription, pathology, morphology and activity, combining different materials such as resins, carbon, EVA, polyamides…

Visit our Orthopaedic Centre in Gijón

You can visit our Orthopaedic Services Centre located at Calle Palencia, 1, 33205 Gijón, Asturias (Spain).

Do you already have a medical prescription? Put yourself in the hands of the best professionals

Important: except for mobility and support products, you will need a doctor's prescription for us to guide you, or help you with any of your problems.
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