Personal Mobility Grants

In our Orthopaedic Centre in Gijón we have a large selection of support products for the performance of daily life: feeding, toileting, mobility, ambulation, rest… to improve the lives of people and their environment.


In our Orthopaedic Services Centre in Gijón you will find a wide variety of support and mobility products specially designed for people with difficulties to move by themselves.

Functional Mobility

Manual and electric wheelchairs, fixed and wheeled walkers (taca taca), canes, crutches…

Rest and sleep

Articulated beds, safety rails, transfer cranes, anti-decubitus mattresses and cushions, waterproof sheets, soakers…

Bathing and hygiene aids

Bath and shower chairs, toilet lifts, head washers, grab handles, plaster covers…

Everyday life

Cutlery, adapted plates and glasses, stocking shoehorns, reach tongs…

What if the person in need of help cannot leave the house?

Junquera&Diz offers a home delivery service, both to assess the user’s needs and to deliver the products.

If my chair or electric bed breaks down?

We only work with leading brands that guarantee the supply of spare parts and we have our own technical service.

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