Orthopaedics in Gijón

At our Orthopaedic Services Centre in Gijón we understand orthopaedics as a SERVICE, never as a dispensation and we believe it is essential, together with the doctor and other health specialities, to form part of a multidisciplinary team.

As a health centre, all our products and services have their respective licenses and legal registrations.

Put yourself in the hands of the best professionals

Our professionals will interpret your medical prescription to adapt the orthopaedic solution that best suits your situation. We help you to improve the quality of your daily life by adapting the best model and type of insole to your foot.

Footprint Studies

We have software for the analysis and study of the footprint in static, walking and running, with and without footwear.

Custom Made Insoles

We design and manufacture all types of customised insoles depending on your pathology and activity.


Our Orthosis models favour the protection and stabilisation of the affected area, thus favouring recovery.

Aids and Mobility

Mobility and aids products for people with difficulties in moving around on their own.

Compression Cabinet

We have a wide range of standard garments (by size) or made-to-measure garments for the lower limb, upper limb, trunk and head.

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Important: except for mobility and support products, you will need a doctor's prescription for us to guide you, or help you with any of your problems.
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