Orthotic Cabinet

Custom made and/or individual adaptation of upper limb, lower limb and spinal orthoses.

Lucván Footlab

At Lucván footlab we carry out digitalised footprint studies and custom-made insoles.

Compression cabinet

We recommend the best garments for compressive therapy, standard or custom-made.

Mobility Department

We offer you all kinds of aids for daily living with the possibility of assessment at your home.

Orthopaedic Services in Gijón

We offerfor your feet

At Junquera&Diz we have orthopaedic products designed with the best technologies to improve our customers’ quality of life. We understand orthopaedics as a service, whose ultimate goal is the satisfaction of the patient or user, improving their independence and guaranteeing the success of the orthopaedic prosthetic treatment.

  • Custom Made Insoles

    Custom made insoles for any type of feet. We adapt your footprint to perfection.

  • Pressure therapy

    Application of pressure on the body with compressive garments for the treatment of venous pathologies, lymphoedema, burns, scars…

  • Orthesis

    Adaptation and/or custom made orthesis of orthotic supports to assist the neuromusculoskeletal system.

  • Aids and mobility products

    We offer a wide range of solutions to improve your mobility and support your body, helping you whatever your needs.

Solutions with the best technology and quality

We have certified our production and management processes to the highest quality standard for medical devices, ISO 13845.


At Junquera&Diz we carry out a digitised study of the footprint to analyse the position of the foot when walking. The technology used allows us to create custom-made insoles and to intervene, following the prescriber’s indications, directly in the arrangement of the joints of the foot, correcting the damage found. This analysis is ideal for athletes or people with foot or locomotor system pathologies.


Manufacture and Distribution of Orthopaedic Products